Play, Swirl And Roll In The Snow With This Handy Guide To Enjoy Snowfall In Boston!

Towards the end of the year, people in Boston experience heavy snowfall. Each and every area remains covered with snow. Most of the people enjoy this. Although most of the houses have all sorts of arrangements to keep the room and body hot, still they always wish to cherish the winter and snowfall. The entire city bathes in the snow, which makes the Christmas feel amazing as well.


Now take a glimpse of the things you can experience while snowfall in Boston this winter by keeping this guide handy.

Best Time To Witness Snowfall In Boston

Best Time To Witness Snowfall In Boston

Well, it’s not easy to give a specific time about the snowfall in Boston. The weather is unpredictable. Sometimes, snowfall starts in November and many times, it has been witnessed that starts in April. Many years, the snowfall doesn’t even hit the city. However, if the average time to be considered, snowfall happens between November to April. While other months may experience a bit of snowfall, April is the month when snowfall is at its peak. The average temperature of snowfall in Boston, MA can drop down from 5 to 2 degree C. The coldest month is, however, in January.

Ideal Duration Of Staying In Boston During Snowfall

In winters, precisely in snowfall in Boston, MA, things, and people become a bit sedate and you may have to plan extra days while you are on a vacation to Boston. To explore all the best things, you must plan for 7 to 8 days of a trip. If you are planning a trip to snowfall in Boston 2022, make sure to plan for at least 1 week.

Must Experiences In Boston During Snowfall

1.Visit the Boston Museum

Visit the Boston Museum

Well, on hearing museum, you may think what exactly are we talking about? But, when it is falling snow outside and the temperature has dropped down, exploring historical facts and things will be a good experience. Boston has a large number of museums and you can take a trip to a few in a day. Museum of Science and Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum are a few to name and there are many where you can enjoy a cozy chilly day.

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2.Ice Skating On The Boston Common Frog Pond


A winter experience at Boston is always going to stay incomplete if you are not spending a day engaging into a sport that is meant for winter and precisely for snowfall. You have to visit Boston Common Frog Pond and try ice skating. The place gets opened every day during November to March). There, you will get skating lessons which are useful if you have no idea about how to do it, skate rentals and skating seals. Though the temperature will make you go freeze, an on-site Frog Pond cage will help you stay warm by providing comfort and warm food.

3. Experience Sledding On Boston Common

Experience Sledding On Boston Common

Sledding is one of the most favourite winter activities that many like to get indulged into and it is pure fun, to be frank. Post the Boston snowstorm, the locals and visitors start making tracks on the Boston Common for the Flagstaff Hill. Here, you can experience the most comfortable winter sleds in the entire city. There are many sledding spots around Boston where you can find a lesser crowd. A few of them are Marine Park in South Boston, Alexander Kemp Playground in Cambridge, and others.

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4. Visit Boston Local market

Visit Boston Local market

Snowfall makes people crave for warm and tasty food even more, and while in Boston, you have to visit Boston Local Market. The place is a haven for foodies as you will find almost every type of food that you can possibly think of. Do try the doughnuts, bagels, and coffee. You can even try the fresh and hot pasta or seafood. The best way to know what you would like to try is by visiting the place yourself.

5. Enjoy Beer

Enjoy Beer

In case if you don’t know, Boston is also famous as the “drinking city” and when you are there precisely in snowfall then you have to be a part of drinking town. You can try a beer from many local breweries that are in large numbers. Also, drinking beer will keep you warm in the freezing weather.

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6. Enjoying Hot Chocolate

Enjoying Hot Chocolate

What can be essentially great than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in chilly weather? Well, nothing! Many restaurants serve hot chocolate to their customers, especially in snowfall. You can try it with some cookies or anything that pleases you. Also, there are many different flavours that you can choose from and this is something which you won’t find in any other place.

7. Watching Shows Or Movies

Watching Shows Or Movies

Winter is the time when Boston indulges into a lot of things and when it falls snow, things even get better. A lot of theatres and clubs organize shows and run movies or even plays at theatres which are a sheer joy to watch. You can easily book the tickets online or by going there. Just make sure to be a spectator of any these fun shows or movies. While planning your trip to snowfall in Boston 2022, make sure to check the dates or the shows and other things in advance and book the tickets early as well.

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8. Visit Skywalk Observatory

Visit Skywalk Observatory

Located on the top of Prudential Center, Skywalk Observatory provides a bird-eye view of the entire city, and visiting there in snowfall will be an experience that will stay with you forever. The entire city covered in snow and lights illuminating everywhere. This is something that is unbeatable. Apart from this view, you will appreciate the architectural beauty of the city that presents a portrait of past and present.

Essential To Pack When Traveling To Boston During Snowfall

While planning a vacation to Boston during snowfall, you have to pack more than the usual seasons. We have shared a list of essentials that you need to pack while you are on the go:

  • A lot of woolen clothes as you may have to layer up yourself, Gloves, Woolen scarves, boots, woolen socks, blanket, and woolen caps.
  • Medicines that may come in need in case if you catch cold or a cough
  • Maps are essential in case if your mobile devices do not work in certain areas
  • Chargers, power banks, and related stuff

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So are you all geared up to take up these experiences while the first snow blanket hits the land of Boston? If your heart says yes, then pack your woollens and plan your holiday to USA with TravelTriangle to witness the most picturesque views of the country!

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